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Economie en bedrijf
Management algemeen
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Jan Jacob Stam

Wings for Change

Systemic organizational development

€ 22.95

This book is about organisational development seen from a systemic perspective. It is about systemic principles. How do they work in organisations? And how do people in those organisations experience them? This book attempts to answer this and many more questions on working with the systemic phenomenological perspective in organisations and society at large. From the same perspective, this book discusses a large amount of issues such as fraud, success, downturn and succession. This book includes many examples of organisations and themes, including constellations in South America, Europe, Russia and the US. Together, they make this book to be a Lonely Planet in the world of working in the systemic- phenomenological way. Jan Jacob Stam, founder of the Hellinger Institute in The Netherlands, and a very welcome teacher and lecturer in more than twenty countries, has been a leader and researcher in the field of systemic work for over 15 years. This book gives you a look into Jan Jacob’s experiences and insights. And as always, he has moved on and continues to develop and search for new insights. There are so many interesting questions still unanswered. This book reads like a dream on a cold winters’ nights where no one sleeps and Jan Jacob keeps you awake as he makes you part of this special world.

Taal / Language : English

Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
200 pagina's
Met illustraties
Maart 2020
369 gram
230 x 152 x 14 mm
Uitgeverij Het Noorderlicht
Bekijk de achterkant

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