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Economie en bedrijf
Bedrijfskunde algemeen
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Adelien Decramer

Making organisations work

€ 46.00

Making Organisations Work is an exploratory handbook that provides insight into organisational management and theory. In order to lead an organisation, to analyse it or to give sound advice to an organisation, it is crucial to understand the functioning of organisations, the dynamics of groups and the behaviour of people. Therefore, this work thoroughly examines organisational management on the basis of analyses, cases, insights and evidence, always using three perspectives: the organisational perspective, the group perspective and the individual perspective. This handbook shows the reader how to deal with evolving organisations in a volatile labour market. Social and organisational developments, such as technological changes, diversity, ageing, the emphasis on output, efficiency and effectiveness, and an increasingly competitive market, make the analysis of today’s organisations challenging but at the same time particularly interesting. Basic concepts as well as contemporary insights into management are addressed in this work. Through this versatile approach, the reader eventually learns to reflect independently upon organisational management and new developments within this ever-changing domain.

Taal / Language : English

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Paperback / softback
248 pagina's
Februari 2020
553 gram
241 x 191 x 19 mm
Owl Press
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